Better Homes And Garden Modern Farmhouse

A Deep-Dive into Modern Farmhouse Design

The modern farmhouse aesthetic brings together a unique mix of rustic, country, and modern elements, often inspired by nature and the beauty of the countryside. This style combines classic fixtures and timeless shapes with contemporary materials and finishes, resulting in a beautiful and homey look that transcends all trends. The Better Homes and Gardens Modern Farmhouse line of furnishings is one of the most popular interpretations of this style.

The Modern Farmhouse style pulls from traditional styles, like built-in cabinetry, wood paneling, and beams, but infuses an unexpected mix of contemporary materials and colors. For example, the Better Homes and Gardens Modern Farmhouse items often feature weathered and distressed elements, like wood, combined with modern metals, such as brass or copper or other accent colors like black or navy blue. The pieces can be vintage-inspired, like distressed wood tables, or contain modern elements, such as wall-mounted light fixtures and sleek bar stools.

The Modern Farmhouse style has become increasingly popular because of its ability to combine classic style with modern living. This style is easy to maintain and looks attractive in a variety of home designs. It is also enjoyable to decorate, allowing you to express your personal style with modern-rustic elements.

The advantages of the modern farmhouse style are that it is comfortable, inviting, and affordable. The disadvantages of the style are that it can become too rustic or too modern if not executed properly. Additionally, with the trend of DIY, some people find it more difficult to find ready-made furniture that fits the modern farmhouse look.

This mid-century modern farmhouse, located in New England, combines classic wood features, such as exposed beams and a farmhouse sink, with mid-century elements, such as light fixtures and furniture. The use of touches of black and gold in the furniture and shelving creates a modern look while still maintaining the classic farmhouse feel.

This urban farmhouse, located in Seattle, mixes traditional farmhouse style with a more modern and industrial look by incorporating sleek furniture and bold colors. The traditional elements, such as the wood floors, white walls, and built-in cabinetry, bring the farmhouse element, while the metal accents and pops of blue add a modern touch.

When creating a modern farmhouse style, the best material to use is wood. Wood furniture, flooring, cabinetry, etc. is a common choice for this style. Additionally, metals, such as brass or copper, are also used in modern farmhouse style for accents and finishes.

When designing a modern farmhouse living room, the best colors to choose are neutral tones such as whites, tans, and greys. These colors will provide a clean and airy look that will allow you to easily incorporate accent colors such as blues, greens, and golds.

One mistake people often make when designing their modern farmhouse is to overload the space with too many elements or too much color. This can make the room look cluttered and overwhelming. Additionally, some people forget to use the classic elements like wood and metal that are essential to this style.

When designing your modern farmhouse, the best practice is to focus on the classic elements such as wood and metals. Be sure to use a variety of textures and colors to give the space a more balanced and inviting feel. Additionally, it is best to stick to neutral colors for walls and furniture, while adding colorful accents like artwork or pillows to bring the space to life.

The modern farmhouse aesthetic is a perfect combination of classic and contemporary design elements. By combining traditional elements, such as wood and metal, with modern materials and colors, you can create a beautiful and inviting space. When decorating your modern farmhouse, remember to focus on the classic elements and stick to neutral colors. With the right mix of materials, colors, and textures, your space will be one of a kind.

The modern farmhouse is a great way to express your individual style in a classic and timeless way. The Better Homes and Gardens Modern Farmhouse line of furnishings can help you bring the farmhouse look into your home. Remember to focus on the classic elements such as wood and metals, use a variety of textures, and keep the colors neutral. With the right mix of elements, you can create your own modern farmhouse.


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